Friday, July 29, 2016

Renovation: Mud Room Part 3 (Framing)

The next step in the renovation process was framing in the new walls for the bathroom, framing in where the south window was taken out and sister-ing in some studs next to rotten studs. It's much safer this way so we don't actually have to take any studs out. And all of our original studs are actual 2" x 4". 2 x 4 studs today are actually 1 1/2" x 3 1/2". So over the next couple of days, framing got done, a new window got put in (yay!) and the cement backer board for the tile prep.

New Window! Southeast corner with that beautiful tall cabinet and the corner of the half bathroom!

The bathroom framing.

Southeast corner again.

Through the bathroom towards the east window facing the backyard.

Tobias inside the bathroom. He kept calling it his little house :-)

Tile board now in place. Kids decided to make a game of going in and out of the bathroom between the studs. Surprisingly (and thankfully) no one got hurt. 

Here you can better see the framing for the old window.

His "rawr!" face.



Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Renovation: Mud Room Part 2 (Demo Day)

Demo Day!!! As Chip Gaines loves to say. This is always one of my favorite parts too. It's exciting to tear down the old and be able to see the potential for the new. And man did this space need some potential. Here are pictures after Demo Day:

The southeast corner of the room. The left window looks out into the back yard. The right window (which will get demo'd) looks out into the driveway.

This is the east wall looking out into the back yard.

This is water damage from before we moved into the house. We replaced the roof on this section of the house, which is only one-story, so all of this wood is completely dry with zero mold. But it does look pretty nasty no matter what. Thankfully there's about 3 layers of siding on this wall so it's still pretty sturdy. I guess the last couple of owners kept adding things right on top of the other. Not how I would have done it, but in this situation it has helped us to save some money by not having to completely rebuild this wall.

South wall looking towards the driveway. The washer and dryer are covered by the cloth on the right of the picture.

Southeast corner, No water damage over here. Yay!

The north side of the room didn't get demo'd because it had already gotten updated to the drywall part of things when we renovated our kitchen. So nothing exciting going on over there...yet. Coming up next, studs!!! As in the 2x4 kind, not the stud muffin kind ;-)