About Us

Hey there! My name is Kristin. I'm married to that handsome red-head, Trey. The adorable boy is our son, Tobias. And the gorgeous little girl is our daughter, Emadelle. We live in the awesome state of Iowa and love it. 

This is my attempt at a blog and documenting the adventures of life and d.i.y.-ing. Notice I said attempt. I'm not very consistent. Just to let you know. But I try. And I have good intentions. So that's gotta count for something, right?

Trey and I met in college and got to know each other while playing ultimate frisbee. I loved his red hair and his kind personality. He loved my mad tennis skills and my '93 Eagle Talon. Go figure. The way to a guys heart is by driving an old sports car and your ability to drive a manual. 

We go to an amazing church that is part of the Great Commission Ministries. We love being involved with such caring and nice people and we truly consider them family. Trey is a Database Administrator at our local hospital, which is only about 3 blocks from our house. While I studied architecture in college (and it comes in very handy when we're doing home improvements), I am now a stay-at-home mom and sometimes do design work on the side as well as some party planning.

On October 10th, 2012, our world turned upside down (in the most amazing way ever) when Tobias James was born. He said hello at 6:11 am and was a whopping 9 lbs 10.5 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long. He is an absolute joy and makes us laugh every single day. He's inquisitive, generally happy and will tell you he's the silliest person he knows ;-) 

Our world was changed for the better again on November 2, 2014 when Emadelle Jean was born at 1:07 am. She weighed 7 pounds and 10.5 ounces (a whole 2 pounds less than her brother) and 19 inches long. She is quite the mixture of absolute girlyness and tough-girl keeping up with her brother. 

We live super close to both of our parents and siblings, which makes for fun, impromptu family gatherings. They spoil the kids. Of course. And we wouldn't have it any other way. We are huge Iowa State Cyclone fans and Baltimore Ravens fans. 

Alright, now for some fun facts about us:

Trey is a big time hunter. He hunts deer, pheasant and ducks so far. He also is an amazing cook and coffee maker. We have deemed his coffee drinks "Trey-Latte's". As you can imagine, his favorite show is Duck Dynasty. Which, I admit, is quite hilarious. He says it reminds him of his family from West Virginia. Well, one person in particular...*cough*UncleRusty*cough*. 

I am an organizational enthusiast. Meaning I love the idea of being super organized...but that doesn't mean I am super organized. I am a tennis and volleyball addict. I am constantly adding to and rearranging the decorations in our house. You will frequently find me reading...whether my nook, a design magazine or Fancy Nancy and airplane books with the kids. And if you haven't watched the show Psych, you seriously are missing out. Best. Show. Ever!

The last member of our family is quite hairy. She's 6 or 42...however you want to look at it. Her name is Jasmine and she's a full-bred hunting black lab. She has the energy of about 5 dogs but is surprisingly gentle with the kids. We love her dearly and can't imagine life without her...but we can imagine life without her constant shedding...ah, to dream.

There's "us" in a nutshell...well, maybe more then a nutshell. But I hope you enjoy my constant ramblings and way too many pictures of the kids. It's never going to end, I promise.