Project To-Do's

This page is going to be a on-going list of the projects that I need/should or want to get done. So it will constantly be changing...hopefully :-) 

1. Finish building table behind couch. I need to put together the second bookshelf and then secure it to the bottom one. And then attach the table top...which I still need to get from my grandparents and cut to the right length. 

2. Find and purchase an 8'x10' rug for the living room. We used to have a cream rug in there that was the perfect size and I loved the way it offset our darker furniture...but it got super dirty super fast and it was pretty hard to clean. So not so practical even though it was pretty. Now I'm looking for a practical and pretty rug that is within our price range...wish me luck!

3. Install backsplash in the kitchen. We have had our backsplash for 4 years now...but have never installed. Super embarrassing...but now you know. Obviously our kitchen is perfectly functional without it, but not as pretty :-) We need the prettiness!!!

4. Finish painting the window and door trim in the kitchen. Super simple...just hasn't been finished.

5. Install a door knob on the basement door. It's been door knobless for a while...

6. Replace the door going from the dining room to future half bath. Definitely don't want the door to the half bath being mostly glass...awkward!

7. Put a second coat of paint on the stairs/hallway walls. A couple of my friends and I painted the stairs/hallway when I was pregnant and then I never got around to finishing it. It needs to be finished now.

8. Install new toilet paper holder and hand towel hook in bathroom.

9. Hang owl hook next to changing table in the nursery.

10. Finish making Tobias' crib mobile! It's almost done! Promise!

11. Build new desk for me. I have new desk legs from IKEA...I just need to get the table top from my grandparents old barn. It's going to be super cool :-)

12. Repaint Trey's office the guest room. Right now it's a fleshy beige that I loved on the paint swatch and hated it once it was painted...I'm thinking maybe a soft gray or soft seafoam green.

13. Reupholster wood lattice chair seat in living room. It should only take about a yard of fabric, I just need to find the right fabric. And I need to replace the seat padding.

14. Fix base shoe in the kitchen. There are some areas that didn't get as "attached" as we thought and are popping off. 

15. Attach tv, bookcases and console table to walls...I can just picture something toppling down on the kids. Not fun.

16. Figure out how to make chalkboard square frame thingy for kitchen. I have the chalkboard squares already and I know how I want it to look...just haven't figured out the "how" yet.

17. Organize and clear out the guest desperately needs it. It used to be Trey's office when he worked from home and has become a catch-all.

18. Paint Monet picture frame white. I got this beautiful print of a Monet painting at a garage sale for $4. It's huge. And it came with it's own frame that is nice...just a terrible color. So it needs to get painted. It's currently hanging in our bedroom above our dresser.

19. Buy new gravel for the driveway. We don't have a garage, we just have a gravel driveway that is starting to resemble a lake when it rains. 

20. This is a big one: completely renovate the mud room. First, a window needs to get taken out and another one needs to get replaced. Old, rotting studs need to get replaced, along with exterior siding. We're going to put in a half bath back there so that includes building walls, installing plumbing, bathroom fixtures, etc. Build storage around washer/dryer (which are already installed) and add all new tile flooring. We've already had the roof replaced and the back door replaced and the floor leveled out. That part of the house used to be an old exterior porch. The floor slanted down 4" and the roof was almost completely rotted. There's still a lot to be done but it's already way better then it used to be. This is definitely our biggest project left. - We're doing this Spring 2016!

21. Plant some pretty flowers in the front yard landscaping.

22. This is me dreaming: build a patio in the back yard around the fire pit. And replace the deck with a real one. 

23. Another dream: paint the exterior of the house and add shutters around the front windows.

24. One more dream: completely rebuild side porch so it's not slanting and the windows actually work. The porch is only about 3'-6"x 4' but it could be really nice.

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