Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tobias' Birthday Par-Tey!

Tobias' birthday party was a blast! We had family, friends and neighbors over for some fun and food. And our house was packed. We made some pulled pork with sides and my sister made some awesome monster cupcakes for dessert. They were epic. We also put up a balloon wall for people to take pictures with. And they could spice it up with some mustaches :-) Gotta love a good mustache.

Here's how the balloon wall looked before some funky faces entered the picture (minus the hand):

And here are the funky faces:

Heehee, can you tell we had fun? It was such a blast. It was awesome to see all of the amazing family and friends that have blessed our lives so much!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Summer with Tobes

That is Tobias' new nic-name: Tobes. Deemed by his Aunty Alex and Uncle Dan. I was finally transferring a bunch of pictures from over the summer and early fall and found some adorable picture of Tobes. So definitely had to share. And sorry for the not-so-great quality...they are not edited.

Tobias giving me a kiss. He has the sweetest kisses ever. And if you're lucky, he'll give you 5 in a row.

Cooling off in his swimming pool in the back yard.

"When can I get in Mom?!?"

It was super hot out (and in the car) and we drove down to my parents house, which takes about 25 mintues. He sweated so much in the car that his clothes were soaked. So we were taking them off to cool him down and he started crawling away mid shirt...needless to say, we were laughing pretty hard. It was adorable.

This is the gate to our kitchen. Tobias loves to shake the gate (it rattles a little).

A boy and his dog. It was a surprisingly cold day in early September and we had the windows open...they were people watching.

Swinging with Mimi at the park by her house. He was enjoying getting his toes tickled while in mid swing.

Tobias can climb stairs. And super fast too. He hasn't figured out how to go down yet but every time he tries (with our hands attached to his back or sides), he goes face first. So not so good. But he'll figure it out.

Tobias and Trey went on a walk one evening around the lake in our town. They had a blast (if you can't tell by Tobes expression). He loves to pull off his socks. And try to put them back on. Let's just say it again...A-dor-a-ble!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying the weather and beautiful fall colors!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Catching Up

Sorry for the absent-ness. A lot has been going on and I've been having a hard time organizing my brain. I'll give you some short little updates now and some more detailed ones later. Here are the top 6:

1. Tobias turned One. I can't believe it. It seriously seems like yesterday he was a couple weeks old. Interestingly enough, the labor feels like forever ago. I think God does that on purpose. We had a great time celebrating with family and friends. Tobias got lots of wonderful gifts from very amazing and generous people. I will have another post later with pictures from his party. For now, I'll just tell you Tobias is a rockstar :-)

2. Trey got a new job. He no longer works from home (sad face). But his office is only 5 blocks from our house. And he comes home almost every day for lunch. So still extremely blessed. Most of the time he walks to work and it takes him about 6 minutes. I think it has been the hardest on Jasmine. She's used to sticking to Trey's side all day long and now he's gone. But he is immensely enjoying his job and is excited to learn a lot of new things. And this new company is amazing, he loves it.

3. I started playing volleyball again with some girlfriends through our city league. Let's just say I should have exercised more over the summer. My first game of the season was this week and it was a blast! We won 5 out of the 6 games we played. But now I am extremely sore. Guess that means I worked hard, right?

4. We got a new rug for our living room. And I am in love. It is so beautiful. I keep walking into the living room and just starring at it. It's huge and cushy. And gorgeous. Our whole house is wood floors so it has been nice to step onto some softness. Below is a picture from the website. It's the Ellison rug from Pottery Barn. They are discontinuing it and I was deathly afraid I was never going to be able to get it. Luckily, the store in our area had one left in stock. And I got it on sale, 40% off! Thank you Lord! It was meant to be.

5. Tobias is striking naps. He's decided he doesn't want to fall asleep on his own. It's much nicer being around people. And long naps are just silly when you can take a bunch of little short naps. So we're working on things. Right now we're transitioning from 2 naps to 1 nap a day. Wish us luck! And patience! Thankfully, he's still sleeping really well at night. Normally about 10ish hours.

6. Hunting season has begun. Officially on October 1st for bow hunting deer. Which means Trey is most likely in a tree stand when not at work. He's seen some promising deer on some private land and not so much on public land. He said he's waiting for them to fatten up a little bit. I never thought I would be ok with hunting or enjoy it (I don't hunt myself), but I definitely have enjoyed the benefits of Trey's hunting. I really enjoy the taste of venison. The one downside to hunting season is that now we're more likely to hit a deer or run into one, or get hit by a deer while driving. So watch out everyone! They are sneaky little boogers! And they really aren't so little. Some are actually quite massive. If you see any massive ones, tell them to walk by Trey's tree stand. Thanks bunches :-)