Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gorgeous Vintage Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, some good friends of ours from church got married.  They're wedding was adorable.  Seriously.  It was so beautiful and handmade.  I loved it.  You might remember the craft night I went to a little while back...that was for this wedding.  So here are some pictures that definitely don't do it justice (I didn't want to turn my flash on and mess up the photographer...so I'm sorry if they're blurry).  And just a warning...there are a lot of pictures...might be a picture overload.  Otherwise, enjoy!!! 

Everything was in one large hall that was already decorated and set up for the reception.
The table centerpieces...mason jars with moss, acorns and pin-wheels.
The front of the hall with Pastor Bob and the groom, Kerry.
One of the bridesmaids and groomsmen.
One of the "ring bearers" wearing a sign that says "here comes"...
...and then his little brother carrying a sign that says "the bride". so cute.
The little flower girls throwing cut out pieces of book pages (like what is on the table).
The bride, Rebekah, and her father. Ahhhh, isn't she beautiful!!!
The whole wedding party up front.
The couple saying their vows that they wrote to each other.
Taking their first communion together as a married couple.
The kiss!!! It was more passionate then this, but the first picture didn't turn out very well...such cute love-birds :-)
Our favors were our drink glasses...mason jars with a thank you note.
Tess and Anna...such a cute mother and daughter!
The youngest ring bearer, Charlie. He got a sucker for doing such a good job.
Flower girl and bridesmaid. Niece and Aunt. Blair and Neva. Love you ladies!
Instead of having a dance, everyone was encouraged to play some board games. It was a hit. They had so many different ones you could choose from.
The beautiful decor on the ceiling.  Gotta love the ambiance. 
They're wedding cake. So adorable. For the guests, a bunch of people brought homemade cookies and cakes and such (we brought ginger snaps) for about 24 people and shared. It was a blast to have so many different dessert options!
They are just so stinkin' cute!
Cutting the cake.
And they have cute milk jugs with awesome straws. Love it!
And then they played the newlywed game. It was quite hilarious. And in true newlywed fashion, the newlyweds won!!! By 10 points (which was very close)! 

Thanks Rebekah and Kerry for sharing your beautiful day with so many family and friends!!! It was such a blessing to witness two Godly people become one! We love you!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gotta Love Football

If anyone of you are Iowa State fans...or you know an Iowa State fan, then you must have heard about the huge up-set this past weekend...Iowa State beat Oklahoma State in overtime.  And Oklahoma State was ranked number 2. I still can't believe it. It was an amazing football game. Definitely the best I have ever been to. And one of the best I have ever watched. Seriously, so so good!!! Here are a bunch of pictures from the game. I think you can tell how excited everyone was :-)

I will note: before the game, we all had a moment of silence for the 4 people from Oklahoma State that died earlier that day in a plane crash.  What a shocking moment.  I was so proud of how ISU fans responded to it all and how they treated OSU fans. I hope the OSU fans know that we are truly sorry about this tragedy and we are here to support them.  

Now onto the pictures:
The marching band before the game spelling "ISU"
The marching band spelling "Cyclones". They are so talented :-)
The student section waving their yellow towels that everyone got.
Paul Rhoads congratulating all of the Seniors...it was neat to see him hug every single one of them.  You can definitely tell he cares.
The team getting ready to run out onto the field!
Before each game, the team gets in a huddle and prays. I love it that they do this.
Trey and I all ready to watch an awesome game. Little did we know how awesome it was going to be!
At half time, the marching band honored their seniors. And all of the seniors left their shoes on the field.
ISU's defense...which did an awesome job!
Trey's dad and my dad cheering hard for the game! They were super excited :-)
My sister and I all bundled up...we drank hot chocolate to keep us warm.
Down 14 - 24 in the 3rd quarter. But we still cheered hard!
OMG!!! We are almost tied!!!
Overtime...what's going to happen???
Haha! We're up!
...and it's tied again...
Wait for iiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt...............
WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Final score: 37 - 31 in overtime
Most of the stands storm the field. Such an awesome site.
Our very excited and ISU proud group. What an amazing game to go to.

We had such a blast!  And now ISU is Bowl eligible!!! So maybe a road trip?!? Or as our dads liked to say..."Rhoads Trip!"...they are cheesy, but we still love them :-)  It's still hard to believe that we won...so good.  Ah, alright, have a terrific Tuesday!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

ISU Volleyball Game

Wednesday night, my mom and I went to an Iowa State Women's volleyball game.  We have season tickets (They are super cheap! Even if you can only make a couple of games). And let me say...they are a blast to watch!!! So much fun!  Here are a couple of shots from the event:

 The girls getting pumped up for the game.
 Cyclones with the first serve.
Carly Jensen (jersey #1) getting ready to smash it!
 Jamie Straube hitting the ball so fast it's all a blur.

We had a great time :-) We always do. And we're sad the season is almost over! Seriously, I already cannot wait for next year!