Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Bookshelf and Renovations

We have been doing lots of renovating at our house lately. Mostly for Tobias's toddler room so once our sweet little baby girl is born she can move directly into the nursery. Tobias's room has been taking a lot longer then we thought it ever would. We did stray from our original plan though by adding bead board and chair rail around the whole room. But I definitely do not regret that decision. It looks amazing! And I'm so excited to see it all get put together. Here are some sneak peaks (they're from my phone, hence the very long pictures):

This is the closet. We've (by "we" I mean my dad and Trey) built custom shelves for it and a divider with a lock so half of the closet will be for just Tobias and the other half will be much needed storage that he won't be able to get into. Oh, and that's his bedspread, the Madras Quilted Bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. I love it. It's so boyish and fun!

The bead board and chair rail we added...all primed and ready to be painted.

My very enthusiastic helper. He was "painting" with a caulking tool.

Recently Tobias, my mom and I took a quick trip to the Twin Cities and did some major shopping at IKEA. What is now Tobias's toddler room used to be Trey's office when he worked from home and our storage room. Since our house was built over 100 years ago we have hardly any built-in storage. Which means we have to get quite creative sometimes. The closet in Tobias's room is now divided, half for him and half for storage. But the rest of the contents in that room had to get moved out. And put somewhere. Some of it went to the attic, a bunch got put into a garage sale or donated...but the rest needs to be put in a different location. So...IKEA comes to save the day. A lot of what is getting moved are books and office supplies. I have an "office" downstairs in our living room that has the potential to be nicely organized but let's be never is. So we bought two bookshelves from IKEA with lots of potential to store those lovely office items and stay organized. We chose the Fjalkinge Shelving Unit with 2 Drawers.

We put up one yesterday...and I am already in love. It is amazing! I can't wait to get the other one up and put the rest of our clutter (that is currently sitting in our hallway upstairs) away. Here are our "process" pictures of all of the "junk" that needs to go on the shelf or put somewhere else. Eventually I'll go through it all and probably throw away about a third of it. Eventually.

And here is the shelf put up! We attached it to the wall so it is extremely sturdy, just in case some little guy decides to climb it. He's not much of a climber, except for on chairs, but you never know.

And my little helper. He's so hilarious with that cheesy grin :-)

"Finished" product. There's a clock sitting on the very top that will get hung and I'm sure the shelves will change about 100 times before I figure out what I like/want for organization and prettiness.

Again, my little helper.

There's still a lot of things on the floor that will go on the other bookshelf once it's built. And I'm debating on what style of baskets I should get for the bottom shelf storage. The cream containers aren't doing it for me anymore. Plus I've had them for about 5-ish years and they're a little worn now. Time for something new anyways. And more stylish!

He's all ready to work! Gosh, he sure does pose for the camera. Too funny :-)

Anyone else have an old house with little built-in storage? What are your creative storage solutions or techniques that you use to stay organized? I definitely could use some advice!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Modern Farmhouse Style

It seems the "Modern Farmhouse" style is becoming quite popular. Pottery Barn is good at that style, they have been for ages (hence the word "Barn" in their name). As is World Market, with a little more of a whimsical touch. West Elm has also come on the scene, they are one of my favs. But I would have never put in Crate and Barrel as part of that category. Until recently. I felt like they were always a much more modern style, very clean cut and neat. But they have recently added to their collection some more farmhouse-y type products. And I like them. A lot. Here are some of my favs:

Atwell Pendant Lamp

Phoenix 72" Work Table

Willa Peacock Side Chair

Pacifica Pendant Lamp

Fremont Extension Dining Table

Studio Soup Tureen with Ladle

Beckett 3-High Shelf

Apple Peeler and Corer

Embossed Maple Pastry Board

Pie Plates

Carrot Quartet Print

What other products do you like? Any other stores that you feel like have that modern farmhouse style feel? Do you even like this new trend?