Friday, September 28, 2012

Maternity Pictures

I am terrible at keeping up with this blog. But hopefully now that I will be at home full time for the next 6 months I can be a little better and consistently writing posts! 

Trey and I had the amazing opportunity to have maternity pictures taken by our very dear friends, the McClanahan's. A little back-story first: in April of this year, I quit my job at the architecture firm and started working for the McClanahan's, who are professional photographers. They are absolutely amazing, Godly people and have been a complete joy to work for! Plus, getting to work for some of your best friends never hurts :-) So of course, working for photographers, why would you go anywhere else for pictures?!? And they are the best in the world! We had a blast! It was so much fun! Here are just a few pictures they took:

I'm sure I'll be sharing more of them in the future. And I'll hopefully be writing more frequent posts too! Happy Friday!