Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer is here!

I have been so excited for summer this year. For many reasons. And I will list them all right now. Just kidding. But I am going to tell you about a few.

#1: Tobias is now old enough to run around and actually enjoy the outdoors. And he seriously does love it. He never wants to come in. He even likes playing in the rain. It's truly adorable. Plus I am determined to take him to the pool. We have an awesome aquatic center that have some toddler-friendly spots that we need to take advantage of. If anyone wants a pool buddy, you let us know!

Tobias playing in the rain with his Mimi :-)
#2. We have big vacations/family reunions planned for this summer. A lot of Trey's extended family have not met Tobias yet (they live on the east coast) so we're super excited to introduce them all to each other :-) Plus my mom's side of the family is having a reunion this summer. They have all met Tobias (except for 2 cousins) but it's been about a year since most last saw him. So we are excited to see lots of family!!!

Tobias with my Grandpa and Mom on our way back from a family vacation in Kentucky last year.
Hanging out with Trey's fam at a beach house in North Carolina about 4 years ago...I think?
#3. I'm finally in my second trimester. Yes, I'm preggers (17ish weeks) and due November 2nd!!! We're super excited but also very humbled as well. We have friends who have gone through miscarriages and infertility issues and it just reminds us what a blessing and miracle pregnancy and children are. Having gone through similar situations ourselves, we can definitely empathize and grieve with our friends. Its never easy having to go through those trials. And many times there's nothing anyone can say to help. We just want them to know that we're here for them. We're praying for them and we understand if you need your space and distance. We love you so much! And know that God is right by your side.

Me 6ish months pregnant with Tobias.
#4. One of my bestest friends in the whole world is getting married!!! I am super giddy about this if you can't tell :-) I am anticipating this wedding so much that I have dreams about it (seriously Jenna, it's true). I am the Matron of Honor and am so proud :-) Jenna is a world traveler, history buff and Harry Potter fanatic and I sometimes live vicariously through her. She is currently living in New York but I am begging her to move back to Iowa. She can't live in New York forever...but I'm patient ;-) Love you sweetie!

Jenna and I at an annual Christmas cookie party a couple of years ago.
So that is our summer plans. What are you guys up to this summer? Anything exciting or special going on? Or just goals to get some things done? We have those too...but that's another post :-)