Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trey's Office Clean-up

These are old pictures. But I thought I'd share them anyways. 

Trey's office (he works from home) used to be in the smallest bedroom in our house. We are now currently renovating that bedroom into a nursery. But before we started that project, we cleaned Trey's office up a bit and hung some art work. Now the room was far from being finished (no paint, cracking plaster) but it was a huge update from before. Which was nothing. Plus a messy desk. So here are some in between pictures (sorry for the bad quality):

Trey's buck that he got with the picture of his kill below.

The bookcase finally organized and cleaned.

His desk top clean (didn't stay that way for long) and some pictures finally hung on the walls!

Pretty much the whole room (there's a small corner cubby behind me).

So there you go! I will have to upload some pictures of what the room looks like now! Haha, completely different!