Monday, November 25, 2013

Say What?!?

This is a completely random post. Of things that make me laugh or smile so hopefully you can too :-)

I occasionally watch the show The Sing Off. It's a singing competition where a capella groups compete against each other to get a singing contract, etc. I love it. All of the groups are good (you don't have to go through crappy try-outs) and they pick amazing songs with genius remixes. In 2011, the third season of the show, the group that won was Pentatonix. Let me tell you, they are EXTREMELY talented. Totally crazy. Here are a couple of their videos: Thrift Shop - Pentatonix (hilarious), Carol of the Bells - PentatonixSomebody That I Used to Know - Pentatonix. In my dreams I can sing like them...then I wake up and realize...not quite. Ah well. I least I can watch others who are super talented!

On the same note as that last song...Somebody That I Used to Know is actually one of Trey's favorite songs. This is the video where I first heard the song: Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk Off the Earth. Again, insanely talented people! My favorite is the guy in the stocking cap :-) Heehee. He has the hardest job.

Love the artwork done by the blogger of Dear Lillie. She has a lot of chalkboard art that is absolutely gorgeous. Here is her shop: Dear Lillie Shop.

If you're looking for some fun Christmas cards here are some really good websites to find really nice graphic cards with lots of options: Tiny PrintsMintedMoglea.

Check out this very festive Christmas Brunch done by Ashley at 7th House on the Left. So adorbs. My favorite is the little french toast sticks in the mini glasses. Yum!

I went to college with Laura, who is the blogger behind Oakland Avenue. She actually introduced Trey and I. So she has a special place in my heart :-) Anywho, I absolutely love her blog and her posts of "This is How I Feel" always crack me up. Here is the latest addition: This Is How I Feel, IV - Oakland Avenue.

My best friend, Sam, is a middle/high school band teacher. When I saw this post about Bizarre Composer Facts, it made me think of her and smile. Some of them are quite weird.

If you have never watched the show Psych, you are seriously missing out. It is the most hilarious show ever. The quite-wit between Shawn and Gus is soooo funny! Here is a video of a bunch of nick-names they create for each other when they're introducing themselves: Psych - Shawn and Gus Nicknames. I laugh really hard pretty much every single show.

Alrighty, back to non-randomness...maybe ;-)