Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More Favorite Baby Products

CloudB Sleep Sheep

Tobias has always had trouble taking naps. We finally figured out a good system by the time he was a little over 8 months old...yeah, took a long time! We got the cloudB sleep sheep as a gift and have fallen in love with it! It plays 4 different sounds that are soothing and help you sleep. The timer for the sounds lasts 45 minutes...I do with it would last a little longer. Tobias likes the rain sound and it helps block out other noises. Plus it's just so adorable and soft!

Aden and Anais Sleep Sacks

We swaddled Tobias for the first month or so of his life...then he figured out how to break free...and he never seemed to like being swaddled after that. We discovered these sleep sacks and they work wonderfully. He can move around freely but still stay warm and we aren't using a blanket. Plus, once again, they are adorable!

Inglesina Fast Table Chair

We bought this high chair before we were going on a long vacation. Now it has become our main high chair. We attach it to our table and Tobias is able to sit at the same level as us and uses the table for his "tray". We've only found one table it doesn't work on. It's super easy to grab and go, take into restaurants if you want and travel with. We love it and it was worth every penny. Plus it's super easy to wipe down if you get any food on it...which Tobias definitely does.

Boon Caterpillar Stack

We got this as a gift from my aunt and cousin...and it is awesome! You can store 3 different types of snacks in there. The red tabs slide open to get the snacks out. It's durable. Easy to grab and go. And cute. Love, love, love it!

BooginHead PaciGrip

Update: I accidentally had the wrong brand...they look very similar. We almost bought the other one, but this is the real one we own. 

Tobias is a pacifier man. And when he's done with his pacifier, he just spits it out. Needless to say that meant a lot of pacifiers on the floor or ground getting dirty. Totally gross. So we invested in a lot of pacifier clips. Let's just say most didn't work out. Tobias also likes to chew on his pacifier clips and so they would fall apart. This brand is the only one that has been able to hold up to Tobias' chewing and drooling. And they come is some pretty cute patterns. Unfortunately the ones we bought they don't have the pattern anymore. 

There we go! These are all products I would definitely recommend. We love them and use them daily. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

More 6 month pics!

Hey-o! So I'm finally putting up more pictures from Tobias' 6 month photo shoot. I love looking at these pictures. They are just simply awesome. Seriously. If you don't believe me, just take a look.

Awesome, right?!?  All photos were taken by McClanahan Studio. Please do not save, print or reproduce any pictures from this post. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hunting Pictures

As part of Tobias' 6 month photo shoot, we also took some hunting themed pictures. Tobias has a pair of Carhart overalls that he got from his great grandparents...and they are adorable! Trey would say they're manly. But whatever. When you have baby Carhart overalls, you can't NOT use them. I mean, come on. Seriously.

These are just a couple of many...so more to come! And don't worry, the gun Tobias is holding is not really a gun. It's just a toy. 

All pictures taken by McClanahan Studio. Please do not save, print or reproduce any of these pictures. Thank you.